Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 1

Just a quick introduction to tell you about myself and tell you about the blog and the challenge.


My name is Anita, I live in Orlando, Florida with my husband of 26 years and our 3 girls.

I am just getting started blogging even though I have been planning to start one for a few years now.

Ultimate Blog Challenge

For the month of February I will be participating in a blog challenge to write something everyday, so 28 posts at least, the goal is 31 so I am gonna try and write some extra posts. There are a ton of people participating and it has been something I have wanted to participate in for awhile now.

What is the Blog About?

I love taking pictures of anything and everything and I take a ton of photos. I have fun editing them and making scrapbooks and other photo projects. I would love to share with you how to take better photos, how to make the photos great and also different projects, things and ideas to do with all your photos. I would love to inspire you to get your photos off of your phone and out where you can see and enjoy them.


You can read more on the About Anita page


Have a great day and see you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 1

  1. If only there were more time! I’m a work at home mom, so I take photos and then upload them to a server for viewing later. Maybe one day I’ll find the time/passion to do something with photos.

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