How to adjust iPhone camera settings

Maybe your iPhone photos aren’t coming out great, or maybe you don’t like the default settings on your iPhone camera.

Do you know how to change them?

We will go through the settings and features on the camera app and show you how to change them.

First thing, you probably already know but this the button/icon you hit to actually take the picture.

taking the picture

This is how the camera looks when you open the app.

You can access the other settings by hitting the arrow that is pointing up or by just scrolling up.



other iPhone camera features

When you do that these are the other features that appear.  You can change the flash setting, live or still photo, photo size, timer and the filters.

The flash and Live Photo options can be changed on the main camera screen and also from the other settings that pop up when you hit the arrow or scroll.

access to the other iPhone settings

If you click on the lightning bolt icon you can adjust or turn off the flash setting.

To change the setting just click on auto, on or off. I always keep my flash on the off setting. I am planning another post soon to show comparisons between using and not using the flash and show why I don’ t usually use a flash for my photos.

adjust the flash setting

If you go back to the menu you can turn off Live Photos or put them on.

Live Photos take up a lot of the memory on your phone if you take a lot of photos. I usually have my setting off because I scrapbook a lot of my photos.

how to adjust Live Photos

If you go back to the menu again and click on the 4:3 icon you can adjust the size of the photo. I just use the default setting and if I want or need to change it I crop it but if you post a lot to social media some of the apps are square photos so you can change it here. You can change it to have larger rectangular photos if you choose 16:9, this size fills the iPhone screen when you are taking a photo.

adjust photo size

The timer icon is where you can set a timer for 3 or 10 seconds. Great for group photos that you are also in but probably best kept in off mode for regular camera use.

When you use the timer the photos are taken in burst mode, you capture several photos and you can then choose the best one.

using the camera timer

The iPhone camera comes with some different filters you can use when taking the photo, if you click on the icon with 3 circles you can scroll through the different options that are available. I don’t usually use a filter since they can be applied after the photo is taken but they are available if you want to take black and white photos, these filters are also available to use after taking a photo.

changing the camera filters

When you take a photo a preview appears in the bottom left corner, if you click on the preview you can check and make sure you like the photo and also edit the photo before saving it.

previewing the photo

The last icon is the one use if you want to take a selfie, it changes to the camera to the front facing one.

used to take a selfie

These are the features of the iPhone camera app. We will go into them more in future posts.

The pictures are just screenshots I took and didn’t edit the photos at all.

Have a great day and take a lot of pictures!


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